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Yea or Nay: Turbans for Spring 2011

We had faces then.

Salma Hayek, Kourtney Kardashian

While we wouldn't dream of bestowing upon Kourtney Kardashian the title of "trendsetter," it's kind of hard to deny after looking at the Spring '11 collections that the turban is definitely a styling item of interest. Check it:

Andrew Gn Spring 2011 Collection

Giorgio Armani Spring 2011 Collection

Issa Spring 2011 Collection

Jason Wu Spring 2011 Collection

We would love to see some young starlet take the intitiative and get her Norma Desmond on by wearing one of these out on the RC. Granted, the more conventional-looking turbans do tend to have a "Lifetime Achievement Award" old, old, old Hollywood stench to them (e.g., Jason Wu and Andrew Gn). They're perhaps a bit too literal for even the hottest trendsetter or most talented stylist to make look fresh. On the other hand, we love the more Afro-Caribbean-inspired ones, like in the Issa show and even a little in the Armani show. Come on, little fashionistas. We just know one of you can bring these back in a big way without drawing comparisons to Carmen Miranda. We give a wholehearted YEA to the idea. What say the commentariat?

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