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In or Out: Eva Mendes in Prada

Because everyone loves a girl with a monkey on her dress.

Eva Mendes attends 'Los Otros Dos' (The Other Guys) photocall in
Madrid, Spain wearing Prada.

Y'know, there's a reason we named our latest cat Miss Miu Miu Prada. That little Italian sprite knows what the hell she's doing.

We LOVE this dress and LOVE the way she looks here. Yes, yes, not every woman is going to want to wear a dress with monkeys AND horizontal stripes, but if you're Eva Mendes and you can pull it off, why the hell not? It's fun and it looks fresh. She's been defaulting to couchy-looking Dolce & Gabbana dresses for too long. She always looked too made up and done up on the RC. Here, she looks fresh and young and pretty. Love the hair and makeup. We do not, however, love those shoes with that dress. It all goes a little Carmen Miranda. Still, this is an easy IN.

[Photo Credit: wireimage,]

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