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Jay McCarroll at Islands of the World Fashion Week

In fine form.

As Project Runway bloggers, we get asked a lot of questions at cocktail parties and in line to pay our groceries. There are several questions that get asked over and over again, to the point that we sometimes feel like walking around with a handout of answers to Frequently Asked Questions. The Number One question (after "Do you think Jeffrey cheated?") is "When is Jay McCarroll going to show another collection?" Well, here's your answer. Jay showed a collection for the first time in years at Islands of the World Fashion Week in the Bahamas, at the request of the organizers. He told us about it months ago, but in typical Jay fashion shrugged it off and told us not to make a big deal out of it. Well, screw that.

If someone showed us these looks and said "Guess the designer," we'd have no problem pegging it as Jay's work. The circles, color-blocking, and tone-on-tone are all still there and all still being used to fabulous effect. There is not one look here we don't like. The old boy's still got it.

[Photo Credit: Courtesy of Lyndah Wells Photography]

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