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2011 SAG Awards Part 1

Let's get to it. Hold my gold, girl.

Hailee Steinfeld in Prada Spring 2011

Absolutely adorable. We imagine this dress wouldn't look so effortless on any woman out of her teens, which makes it perfect for her. We also like the simple, girlish hair. It's refreshing when a female teen star actually looks her age. She could have gone all up 'do and chandelier earrings and goddess gown, but she kept it simple and let the dress make the statement. Smart.

Amy Adams in Hervé L. Leroux

The dress is interesting and it might have worked for her if she hadn't gone with that severe ponytail. Her coloring with that dress required some balance somewhere else and since a belt is out of the question, she should have chosen a more attention-getting hairstyle.

Susan Sarandon in Nicole Miller

Susan went for a professional bra fitting, y'all! Our long national nightmare is over. She looks great. The color is perfect for her . Christina Hendricks, take notes. We're assuming that's her son since he looks so much like Tim Robbins.

Jennifer Lawrence in Oscar de la Renta Pre-Fall 2011

A really pretty dress ruined by bad styling. That strap arrangement was totally unnecessary, as was the belt. The shoes are too heavy. Pink and black is not the easiest color combo to pull off and she'd have been better off avoiding it completely.

Angie Harmon in Monique Lhuillier

She's over-dressed for the event. This is an Oscar dress, although we suspect we're not going to see as many gowns like this at the Oscars this year. The RC is trending away from the gigantic poufy gowns. It's pretty enough, although truth be told, we think it looks a little silly.
Ariel Winter

Another young starlet who dresses adorably. Yes, this might be just a bit on the twee side but it suits her look and her age. We like that the dress has some detailing that only becomes evident up close. It saves it from being too plain.

Christina Hendricks in L'Wren Scott Fall 2010

Just awful. The makeup is weird and that dress simply doesn't suit her at all. It's not the right dress for a busty woman with hips and it's not going to work on any woman who isn't model-tall.

Dianna Agron in vintage Chanel couture

We're suckers for a well-done black-and-blue combo. This dress is gorgeous. The makeup's pretty bad, though. Smokey eyes don't suit her.

Edie Falco in Carolina Herrera

It's got enough visual interest to save it from being just another red gown, but it's still a bit too standard.

Jane Lynch in Ali Rahimi

It's not a bad dress. We like the color and the bodice, but we're not fans of the tiered skirt. These slightly poufy dresses just don't suit her, although she keeps coming back to them. She's a tall woman with short hair and an athletic frame. She'd look much better in a simpler, sleeker silhouette.

January Jones in Carolina Herrera Pre-Fall 2011

Mad props to Betty Hofstadt Draper Francis. She knocked this one out of the park. We don't even mind that it matches her hair. She looks stunning. She loves her Versace, but she's better suited for the slightly retro, ultra-feminine Herrera look.

Julia Stiles in Monique Lhuillier Pre-Fall 2011

Such an odd dress. She looks like she's standing directly over a spotlight. Still, it's interesting. And it's not a neutral, so points for that. She looks good.

Julie Bowen in Malandrino

We love that she wore a pants suit. However, if you're going to do that, then you need to really zhuzh it up in the styling. She failed on that front. Had she gone for the slightly cliche up 'do and chandelier earrings, it would have bumped this look up considerably. Also, the pants need hemming.

Kelly Macdonald in Reem Acra Pre-Fall 2011

Too much limp hair on the RC! It's cute on a 15-year-old, but the grownup gals should have put more effort in. This dress is gorgeous, though.

Kim Kardashian in Marchesa Resort 2011

Love the color; hate the bodice. It's a typical Marchesa dress, which makes it something of a yawner for us.

Melissa Leo in Randi Rahm

We like the dress. It's got an old school '30s kind of vibe to it. The problem is it's just too tight on her and doesn't flatter her. The hair and makeup are good, but the matching shoes are a major no.

Natalie Portman in Azzaro Spring 2010

It's so much cuter and more interesting with the little shrug. It's okay as it is. A little boring, but her choices are limited in red carpet wear right now.

Sofia Vergara in Roberto Cavalli

It's yet another va-va-voom dress, but this is our favorite of all the ones she's been wearing this season. She look spectacular. The color really suits her and for once, she looks like she can breathe and sit down (although just barely).

Nicole Kidman in Nina Ricci Pre-Fall 2011

Yikes. Talk about going off the rails. She and her stylist usually have such good instincts, but pairing that very busy dress with that clunky necklace is a rookie mistake. The dress just has too much going on. Her hair looks a mess. Nicole honey, what happened? We'd say that maybe her brand new baby is the cause, but let's face it: how many diapers a day do you really think she's handling?

Amy Poehler

Ugh. This girl needs an intervention. Constantly showing up at formal events looking like she's wearing her best "day to evening" look from the office. Yes, Amy. Black is slimming. But you've got to put a little work in on the styling, honey.

Winona Ryder in Alberta Ferretti

Crazy bride. We've noticed that actresses who are having career resurgences come back to the red carpet with their skills all rusty. Her posing is kind of hilarious. She looks terrified. It's a nice dress, but it's totally bride.

Mila Kunis in Alexander McQueen Resort 2011

The dress of the night, easily. Absolutely stunning. And if we were girls we'd be insanely jealous of her hair and spread rumors that it's a wig. We're kind of bitches that way.

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