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Burberry Menswear Fall 2011

Hold us back, kittens.

Imagine Lorenzo's reaction when he saw this collection, which featured the expected plaid as well as the somewhat unexpected color; the bright, saturated oranges, yellows, and greens. What can we say, kittens? We know what we like and two of the things we like are colors and plaids. It would be almost impossible for us to dislike such a collection. We don't know if we'd wear every single item, given the opportunity, but you can be sure we'd try each one of them on. It helps that the pieces are beautifully tailored and impeccably made. Classic Burberry elegance and chicness, rendered in exciting and modern colors. We also love the very tailored, pencil-thin pants. And it freaking rained on the runway at the finale. Christopher Bailey was inspired by a Burberry ad campaign from the early sixties where every image was photographed in different weather conditions, so why not bring those conditions to the show? Even better, Burberry announced that the designs were going to be immediately available for sale online. You can browse the store and check out every piece as you watch the show. It's fashion-porn heaven. It looks like the fashion world, or at least a few houses, are beginning to understand the power of the Internet.

Watch the runway show:

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