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Gucci Spring 2011 Ad Campaign

G face.

Gucci Spring 2011 Ad Campaign
Models: Karmen Pedaru, Joan Smalls, Nikola Jovanovic, Gen Huismans, Hailey Clauson
Photographed by Mert & Marcus.

We kind of dig the "'80s power bitch" vibe of some of these looks. We didn't love them as much when they were walking the runway, but the models and the photography really show them off to the best effect in some of these shots.

But the whole "Gucci makes me come" aspect is so old at this point. Yes, Gucci makes sexy clothes for sexy people. That's the image. We get it. But some of the overwrought posing here just annoys us.

If we were flipping through a magazine, we might stop for a second to look at the colors, but aside from that, nothing about these pictures stop the eye in their tracks. They look like any number of high end (and even some low end) fashion ad campaigns from the last 30 years. Everything looks pretty but the staging is tired.

On the other hand, the saturated colors and golden lighting of the shoot really do set the clothes off better than the runway did.

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