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Calvin Klein Menswear Fall 2011 Collection

Buzz cuts and pleated pants.

You wouldn't sit down to view a Calvin Klein menswear collection expecting to have a conversation about pushing the boundaries of a male silhouette, but here we are. Designer Italo Zucchelli says the collection evolved around the idea of protection, and there's something very cocooning about these looks, many of which involve a more blousson silhouette than one would expect from the brand. Sometimes it's big all around, as models walk the runway in puffy coats in brilliant colors; other times it's a slightly different take, with tight shirts and jackets paired with large pleated pants. Either way, Zucchelli wants you to think about the male form in a way slightly different than what we've been seeing for years now. We doubt very much we'll ever fully embrace pleated pants again, but we love the tailoring here, especially the crisp, fitted blazers. There's a slight and appealing take on a working class aesthetic with the broad shoulder, cinched waist, and big shoes combination. We're not too sure about those powdery electric blues, but the reds here are fantastic.

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