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D&G Fall 2011 Collection

F is for fashion, and also for fabulous.

Tired of the '70s retreads on the runway? Well, good news. Stefano and Domenico are all about the '80s right now. And not the New Wave '80s that other designers are dabbling in; no, Dolce and Gabbana went for the late '80s, neon and candy-colored, high-top sneakers and over-sized t-shirts '80s.

Yes. THAT '80s.

Well, cheer up, because this collection's just too much fun not to enjoy. We love the fun, tongue in cheek approach. The typeface prints are fabulous and they're used so well that it never spills into overuse. It's just too much fun, whether in black and white, or eye-popping oranges, pinks, and yellows (yes, THAT '80s). Love the wedge-heeled high-tops and the leggings. We didn't think we'd ever live in a world again where people wore oversized t-shirts with oversized "FRANKIE SAY RELAX" -style messages on them, but now that they're back on a runway we can't wait to see a 20 year old wearing one on the street. But we reserve the right to laugh at any 45 year olds who try it.

It's just a fun party of a collection and maybe we're just in the mood for it. So many other designers are responding to the world around them by producing fur-soaked glamour. It's a delight to hear a couple of designers instead respond with a big, bright party on the runway.

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