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Darren Criss for Prestige

Fangurls: "SQUEEEEE!!!!!!"

Prestige Magazine February 2011 Issue
Editorial: "Born This Way"
Photographer: Mitchell Nguyen McCormack
Fashion Editor: Ashley Phan-Weston

You couldn't ask for a more basic editorial: slap up a white backdrop and we're done here. But, and we say this with kindness, Darren doesn't appear to be much of a model and doesn't seem to know quite what to do with himself in front of a camera. Microphones, instruments, and faux performing were probably all good ideas to get him looking a little closer to natural. Besides, even stiff or self-conscious posing can't hide that he's as adorable as a basket of sleeping kittens in a field of sunflowers. He wears clothes well too, although things look decidedly askew in a couple pictures. And we risk the wrath of the fangurls, but he's got about 5 more minutes on that pink sunglasses thing and then it gets old.

But the kid's got presence, that can't be denied.

[Photo Credit: Mitchell Nguyen McCormack,]

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