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Dianna Agron and Alex Pettyfer, Poledancing for their New Movie

Smug n' pretty.

Darlings, we're dashing from fashion show to fashion show at the moment, but we'll always take some time out of each day to stare at overpraised attractive people to tell them what they did wrong.

Alex Pettyfer and Dianna Agron make an appearance to promote
their movie "I Am Number Four" at Hot Topic in San Francisco.

Except they're not really doing anything wrong, are they? They both look annoyingly perfect here. It's an appearance at a Hot Topic, so we wouldn't expect any celeb to bust out the Harry Winston and Dolce & Gabbana for the "red" carpet here. Although we have to admit, we hate her little booties.

But wait! There's more!

"I Am Number Four" Screening at the Westfield Mall in Paramus, New Jersey.
Dianna Agron is wearing a Proenza Schouler dress.

Well now they look like they came from separate events and met up here. She looks a bit more dressed up than he does. We're not loving that ridiculously over-sized Suzanne Sugarbaker scarf she's wearing. You can't even see the dress.

The hem on his pants is laughable, but we LOVE his shoes and jacket. And face.

It's not formal enough for us to call an IN or OUT here. Let's all just be satisfied with the copportunity to tell the genetically gifted that they got a couple details wrong.

[Photo Credit: getty, wireimage]

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