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Ed Westwick & Felicity Jones at the London "Chalet Girl" Premiere

Definitely didn't coordinate their outfits.

Felicity Jones and Ed Westwick attend the UK film premiere of 'Chalet Girl' in London.

This is another one of those "Let's not call this an IN or OUT post" posts, but we have a good reason, promise. He looks the way he always looks to us, stylish, but weirdly askew. The cut of his suits never seems to be quite right. His jackets are just a little too fitted for his body shape and they tend to make him look a tiny bit thick in his midsection. But we give him a lot of credit for having a sharp sense of style and almost always putting the effort in, which you can't say about a lot of male stars. But enough about him, let's talk about her. She apparently just arrived from 1964.

Poodles, do we like this? We can't tell. Do you? It's cute, but kind of literal, wouldn't you say? It's a lovely color, but not in a velvet, which tends to make rich colors look a little tacky. In fact, we think we might have liked this dress a lot better if:

a) It wasn't velvet
b) She rethought the shoes and hair to look a little less like she should be screaming her lungs out at a Beatles concert.

What say the Bitter Kittens? Either way, you have to admit, they make an odd pairing, from a style point of view.

[Photo Credit: wireimage]

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