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In or Out: Christina Hendricks in ... serious trouble, you guys.

Oh, you better believe court is in session!

Christina Hendricks (and husband Geoffrey Arend)
at the "All Star Superman" premiere in New York City, NY.

Pardon us while we sputter.

Kittens, there are times when we are willing to consider an opposing point of view, but no. There is no defending this outfit. There is no possible realistic reaction to this entire getup than "Does she not have a mirror? Gays? A husband with eyes?" But we're not dictatorial sorts.* If you've got a defense worked out, then by all means, counselor, have at it in the comments section. Let's hear it. For us, this is so incredibly, unbelievably - you know she dressed this way fully expecting to have her picture taken and splashed all over the internet, right? - so undeniably OUT that only the most talented contrarian could ever make a case otherwise. Those are the worst, least flattering - it's like they actively work against the very concept of flattering - pair of pants ever. In the history of pants. Those pants should immediately be taken off Christina, handled with tongs, and put in a museum of unflattering clothes, if there is such a thing and let's face it, there should be.

Then there's the top, with its demure, yet sparkly little capelet, giving it a sort of Liza meets Plymouth Rock! feel. And while that almost sounds like a compliment, it's really not. And you know what? No. We can hear some of you right now defending that top and no, kittens. No. EVEN IF you could convince us that there's something salvagable about that top, you still have to contend with the fact that SHE PAIRED IT WITH SATAN'S PANTS.

The prosecution smugly rests.

*Yes we are.

[Photo Credit: wireimage, getty]

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