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In or Out: Debra Messing in Michael Kors

Debra Messing in Michael Kors?!
What could possibly go wrong with that, darlings?

Debra Messing attends Michael Kors After Party at Carlyle Hotel in NYC in Michael Kors, of course.


Oh dear.

We wanted to like this. We were prepared to like this. We do not like this. Okay, first: can we say something about the Lady Bird Johnson hair? Debra, honey. What IS that? It's helmet-y and aging. We get that a gal wants to find something a little less showy if she's spent 20 years lugging around past-the-shoulder hair, but sweetie. This is not the way.

Next: this is a pretty great look all around; the fur jacket, the grey dress, the camel clutch and the sassy bangles. We're not in love with the shoes, but all in all, it's a well-put-together outfit. The problem is that skirt. Honey, if we were in the room the first time you tried this on, we would have shaken our heads, taken you aside, put our hands on your shoulders and gently whispered, "It's not the dress for you, dear. This is some other girl's dress. You have to let it go. You have to set it free to find that girl." We would be gentle, but very firm. If that didn't work, then we just would have said "Enh. Makes you look hippy."

She looks great from the side (helped by the aggressive posing -- when a gal's posing that hard, she knows the look needs all the help it can get), but from the front, with the way it's gathered and the kind of high slit; it just doesn't flatter her. We're not really sure it'd flatter anyone, but we're only concerned with Debra here and unfortunately, girl is OUT.

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