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In or Out: Heidi Klum in Rachel Roy

Frau Samuel, if we have called your name, please step forward.

Heidi Klum attends the Lucky Magazine party to celebrate the March issue
with her on the cover, in Hollywood, California.

What's with the rings? Stop trying to make the rings happen.

We're all about jumping to conclusions here (the life's blood of any blog, darlings), so we're going to take this one dress and spin it out to a hypothesis about life, love, and aging. Also, maybe the environment and the recession.

Okay, maybe not, but here's what: Heidi's "thing," as any good T Lo Bitter Kitten knows, is the tight, short, and shiny dress (TSS, to those in the know). And while she'll probably never give up the short as long as she still has those legs attached to her, we've noticed she's more likely to let go of the tight and shiny as she gets older. For all the talk you hear of Heidi needing to learn to "dress her age," people don't seem to notice that she tends to dress now in a noticeably more demure style than she did only a couple of years ago. Well, "demure" as Heidi Klum defines it.

We think this is a cute dress. Great color, great print, totally flattering and feminine and in her wheelhouse. We also think the hair and makeup look great. We love when Heidi does an old-school lacquered hairstyle. It suits her face. Sure, she can do big, blown out hair like only a Victoria's Secret model can, but when she smooths it out and calms it down, she can hang with the best face-givers of old Hollywood. We bet you she could rock a snood.

Bad parts? Well, the rings, of course. And we don't love the shoes. And we think a contrasting belt would do a lot to jazz this dress up. But those are pretty minor complaints. No, the girl is IN and that's no lie.

[Photo Credit: wireimage]

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