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Michele Obama in H&M

Floaty FLOTUS.

"Today" show host Matt Lauer interviews first lady Michelle Obama on the set of the "Today" show.

H&M dress: $35

We wonder if that new style aide of hers had something to do with this. Like she's deliberately balancing out the more grandiose of her fashion choices (like Alexander McQueen) with work-a-day wear that appears more relatable to the public. After all, how many of us have picked up an article of clothing we love from a down-market discount store? Interesting to note that she's wearing a modified version with sleeves, since the FLOTUS does like to show her arms off. It's a pretty dress either way. We kind of hate the belt she paired with it (shocking, we know) and we like the shoes, but the attention's being pulled in two different direction, what with the pop of color at the waist and the pop at the feet. A black belt with colorful shoes or a colorful belt with black shoes, those would have been our choices.

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