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Mila Kunis for LA Times Mag

Swan-y, how I love ya.

Georges Hobeika Spring 2010 Couture Collection

Los Angeles Times Magazine

Editorial: "Range Finder" by Leslie Gornstein
Photographer: Ruven Afanador
Stylist: Hayley Atkin

Girl of the Moment (Who Isn't Nominated for a Major Award) Mila Kunis gets her pose on for the L.A. Times Magazine. But first: soundbites:

On her part in Black Swan: “It was the first movie I didn’t have to audition for,” she recalls. “I was absolutely shocked. But I never questioned Darren [Aronofsky] about why he cast me. I didn’t want him second-guessing it.”

On what she likes to do:
“I love doing comedies,” she says emphatically. “They’re just as hard, if not harder, to make work, compared with a drama. You work 17 hours a day, and you have to try to make things different and funny and relatable onscreen all at the same time. To find one that’s timeless is hard, because something you think is funny now won’t necessarily translate as something funny a year from now.”

On choosing her roles:
“I know people say this all the time, but it’s true: I don’t ever want to work for the sake of working,” Kunis says. “I was very lucky to have a show [That ’70s Show] for eight years. Now I can sit back and think about what I want.”

Devoted minions know that we did not like Black Swan at all. Here's our non-spoilery capsule review for the many who asked: Not a lick of subtlety to be found in the entire two hours. The viewer is hit over the head repeatedly with plot points, metaphors, and motifs. What should have been implied was instead pushed to center stage and given a spotlight. Natalie has exactly two facial expressions through the entire movie. She starts off at about an 8 on the crazy scale (of 1 to 10), stays there through the entire movie, and then in the final act jumps to ten. There is no progression to her madness nor is there really any question that she's crazy. It's "watch a crazy girl get even crazier." That's pretty much the plot.

What we never mentioned was how much we enjoyed Mila's performance. She was one of the best things about the movie. In fact, she was the only actor in the movie who seemed to see it for what it was. The rest of them were taking it way too seriously and acting in an extremely heavy-handed manner. The reason Mila's performance stood out so much was that she was the only member of the cast giving a light touch with her performance. She was the proverbial breath of fresh air surrounded by actors gasping and panting.

Anyway, pictures:

Camilla and Marc Spring 2011 Collection

Rick Owens Spring 2011 Collection

Viktor & Rolf Spring 2011 Collection

Yigal Azrouƫl Spring 2011 Collection

Vintage Christian Dior Dress

Poor Mila and Natalie are probably sick to death of ballet-inspired clothes in stark blacks or whites. Still, we can't deny that she looks really beautiful here. The posing is extremely odd in some shots, though. You want to know the difference between straight and gay men? Besides the obvious ones, we mean? A straight man would look at that shot of her on the ground and think she looks hot. Gay men look at that picture and think "Kudos to her pedicurist! Fabulous job!"

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