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Amanda Seyfried for Marie Claire UK

WERQ that monkey dress, girl!

Chanel Spring 2011 Collection

Marie Claire UK April 2011 Issue
Photographed by Matthias Vriens-McGrath

Darlings, after 2 solid days of red carpet crack, let's all take a breather (and by "all," we mean T and Lo) and just look at pretty pictures of a celebrity in non-cracky clothes. And we don't care what you say; that striped monkey Prada dress is FABULOUS and not cracky at ALL.

But first, actress noises:

"I didn’t like my body and I looked in the mirror and thought I was ugly because I didn’t look like a normal girl."

"I’m an actor," she pronounces. "I’m not a socialite. I’m playing a character, I’m playing versions of myself. For me, it’s important to be a chameleon."

[While shooting Mamma Mia! and dating British actor Dominic Cooper]
"I miss London so much," she whispers. "Really. It’s bad. It’s not something that keeps me warm at night, for sure."

[On her relationship with Cooper]
"Never date somebody who doesn’t live in your own country. It’s heartbreaking and confusing and it makes you go a little bit nuts. You don’t know where they sleep at night… You start second guessing everything."

As for the pics, we don't love them as much as the ones she did for Interview magazine, but there's a considerable difference Between Interview and Marie Claire. She's still striking and looks good on camera, though.

Prada Spring 2011 Collection

Burberry Prorsum Spring 2011 Collection

Derek Lam Spring 2011 Collection

Roberto Cavalli Spring 2011 Collection

Emilio Pucci Spring 2011 Collection

[Photo Credit: Matthias Vriens-McGrath,,]

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