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Britney Spears Covers V Magazine

Imaginary Britney.

V Magazine Issue #70
"Britney Forever"
Photographed by
Mario Testino
Styled by
Panos Yiapanis

Britney Spears is apparently more of an idea than a person now, if this editorial and interview with her from V Magazine is to be believed. First, the interview:

As a child, what did you imagine fame would be like?
I don’t think I thought about “fame” when I was a child. I knew I wanted to perform and I knew I wanted to be on stage but I don’t think I ever thought about fame or what comes with being famous.

Your every move is reported in the media. What are your tricks to staying balanced and not letting it get to you?

I’m past all of that. I try to block it all out and not pay attention to anything they write about me in the magazines or online. I’m done with that.

If you walked away from it all tomorrow, what would you do instead? What would you miss the most? The least?
I’d be a full-time mom which would be cool. I’d miss my fans and all of the love the most, but I definitely would not miss having my picture taken everywhere I go.

Completely robotic, non-committal, boilerplate responses: "I don't think about fame; I'd just be a mother; I'd miss my fans the most." Revealing absolutely nothing about the subject, this interview could have been pieced together from refrigerator magnets.

Now let's turn our bitchery toward the pictures:

Tom Ford Spring 2011 Collection [ Bustier stylist’s own]

Ralph Lauren Spring 2011 Collection

Salvatore Ferragamo Spring 2011 Collection [Bra Agent Provocateur]

Ralph Lauren Spring 2011 Collection

Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2011 Collection [Collar vintage]

Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci Spring 2011 Collection [Top stylist’s own]

Valentino Spring 2011 Collection

Britney, honey? Are you in there? It's kind of hard to tell under all the filters and Photoshop and saturated light. We realize that all stars are packaged and that the bigger the star, the more plastic the packaging gets, but even then, this is a bit silly. An interview that reveals nothing and a set of pictures so whitewashed they could be of anybody. This whole enterprise whiffs of heavy-handed "handling." Certainly we don't blame her people for keeping her under tight wraps, given that she's demonstrated a, shall we say, lack of stability, but it forces the question of why this girl keeps pursuing fame (or why the people around her keep pushing her to) when she can't seem to handle any of it. She certainly doesn't need the money. We're not suggesting she should just hang up her career, but she's so packaged and handled now that we get no sense at all of the woman or artist underneath anymore. Just a somewhat hazy picture of a somewhat fragile celebrity.

[Photo Credit: Mario Testino via,]

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