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In or Out: Diane Kruger in Jason Wu

A house divided, yet still fabulous.

Diane Kruger attends the Green Auction: A Bid To Save The Earth
at Christie's in New York City in a Jason Wu dress.

Jason Wu Fall 2011 Collection
Model: Alla Kostromichova

So we're sitting here having a little editorial pow-wow over these pics, when Tom blurts out "I'm just gonna say it," which means it's probably a bad idea to say it. "I just don't get the love for Jason Wu sometimes." Lorenzo just gave a knowing "Girl," and went back to filing his nails.

Still, there was disagreement over this dress. Tom thinks this just looks like a poorly made vintage dress. There's nothing new or modern; there's no twist or juxtaposition of elements. It's just a Butterick pattern from 1964 with some puckered seams and crinolines hanging out. Lorenzo thinks Tom has a point, especially as it pertains to Wu's general aesthetic, but he finds that this is all working for him. His take is that truly stylish people (and he considers her one) know how to use their clothes to make a statement or play a character. He feels that she's having a bit of fun with the literalness of the look. You can guess where it went from there. Tom thinks Lorenzo is full of horseshit and Lorenzo thinks Tom is a vulgarian who probably can't be trusted to wash his hands after peeing. There will be no INning or OUTing of this look. Daddies have some fighting to do. You kids can figure it out. Here's some money. Order something for dinner.

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TEAM TOM! She looks like the school hussy, class of '64! OUT!

TEAM LORENZO! She's a fabulous fashionista expressing herself through the use of clothing and accessories! IN!

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