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In or Out: Drew Barrymore in Rag & Bone


Drew Barrymore attends the Rag & Bone Cocktail Party at Intermix in Los Angeles.
She wore a jacket by Rag & Bone with black pants and YSL pumps.

Rag & Bone Fall 2008 Collection
Model: Model Tanya Dziahileva

Oh, boy. This is where the IN OR OUT format fails us. We admit up front that there are some issues here, but we did a tiny gay gasp when we saw this getup. You see, true style is really rare among celebrities, most of whom fake it by paying someone with true style to dress them. Granted, it's possible this was styled for her, but considering the casual nature of both the outfit and the event, we suspect otherwise.

Let's get this out of the way: her hair looks terrible. Really, really awful. We think she might be past the age where she can work a sort of rocker chick/wild child look, plus teasing out such bleached hair only makes it look fried. Secondly, the pants. We see them, really we do. And we doubt they're flattering on any woman over a size 2. We admit that there's just not enough visual evidence for us to make a ruling as to whether they suit Drew.

But we can't help it; we love this look. We love that a movie star like Drew can wear an outfit like this when most would have defaulted to the standard ruffled cocktail dress. That jacket is straight-up fierce and we love both the chain necklace and the cap. Honestly, if she'd picked a different hairstyle (a ponytail would have been cute), we would have probably considered the look perfect. As it is, she's IN (as if you couldn't figure that out) simply because, while we'd quibble with some of the details, it's such a great, stylish, casual and somehow TOTALLY Drew sort of look. It's pure L.A. style. We dig it.

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