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Say Hello to the New Wonder Woman

Satin tights.

Darlings, EW released an image of the new Wonder Woman, Adrianne Palicki, all done up in her star-spangled duds and it seems half the internet immediately contacted us for our opinion.

We don't know where any of you got the idea that we're opinionated. Us? Really?

Of course, when the comicbook version of the character got new duds last year, we were on that like white on rice, spewing our opinions without anyone asking, so it seems we're the go-to people now whenever a superhero gets a new costume. Fine by us, or at least, fine by Tom, because as a fashion-y gay AND a nerd, superhero costumes tend to be the perfect intersection of his passions. Lorenzo just has opinions on everything.

So. Wanna see it? You will, but first a short rundown of her TV costumes. Most people outside of comics nerd-dom don't know this, but before Lynda Carter made the character famous, Cathy Lee Crosby played her in a 1974 TV movie. Brace yourselves.

Awful, amirite? Like a patriotic flight attendant. We're only showing you this to soften the blow to come.

Then of course the divine Lynda hauled up her bustier and jiggled into action in 1976:
There were very slight variations on this costume over the run of the show, mostly having to do with the way the eagle and stars were displayed, but this is how everyone remembers her. In fact, this is how everyone remembers Wonder Woman, period. It wasn't a good show by any stretch, but Lynda so embodied the character that even now, people have a hard time picturing Wonder Woman without picturing Lynda. And yes, we're on a first-name basis. More on that in a second. Now for the big reveal:

Well, it's certainly shiny, isn't it? We knew there were long pants coming because we also knew that there was no way any actress would agree to running around in a bathing suit unless she was really desperate for the job. Besides, there's a big difference, culturally speaking, between 1976 and 2011. We like our kickass females but there has to be at least a slight tip of the hat to some sort of recognizable realism and let's face it: no woman is going to want to do martial arts kicks if there's a chance of the good china being revealed.

So we don't mind the long pants, but we wish they weren't so tight and shiny. In fact, we're sorry to say, the whole costume looks just a little cheap. The gold parts are supposed to be actual gold and they look like molded plastic. We'll wait to see how it looks in motion but we're a bit disappointed it looks so much like something you'd find in a Halloween shop. We dig the boots, though. And the bustier looks fairly formidable, so she could probably run with confidence, but we just wish we weren't worrying so much about her getting a Wonder-yeast infection.

Also, that lipstick needs to go.

In related news, guess who we got to chat with on the phone this week? LYNDA CARTER, bitches! We interviewed her as part of our ongoing gig with Metrosource magazine and we have to say, it was a dream come true. One of the few times we were actually nervous about an interview. We asked her if she ever gets tired of middle-aged gay men professing their love to her and she roared with laughter. "NEVER! I love my gays!" She was unbelievably sweet and engaging and would go off on tangents as if we were old friends having a cup of coffee together. We were walking on clouds for the rest of the day. We'll let you know when the interview's out, of course.

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