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Chris Hemsworth for Flaunt Magazine


Flaunt Magazine Issue #113
Editorial: "Gods of Waves"
Photographed by Yu Tsai

Styled by David Thomas

Okay, Tom just threw down the urban gay's weekend gauntlet to Lorenzo: "I'm bored. Let's go to IKEA!" Which is sort of like saying "Who feels like Disneyland today?" to an 8-year-old. So, while we're picking through (and judging) cheap housewares, entertain yourselves with manpretty.

Having seen him only for the 5 minutes he was in the last Star Trek movie, we have no opinion on this guy ... yet. We thought he came off a little pompous for a relative unknown in some prior interviews, but he mostly comes off okay here.

On his role in Thor: “My hope is that Thor is an intelligent blockbuster. The ones that work are.”

On feeling the pressure to play the character: “After all, most of the people there know your character more than you do.”

On playing a god: “The trap would be to play him all magisterial and god-like. Ultimately, he’s got to be relatable. [...] We had a big discussion prior to shooting. There’s a fine line. You want an arc in the story. Yes, he’s cocky and brash, but you don’t want people to dismiss him as a wanker.”

On his co-star Natalie Portman [who plays love interest, Jane Foster]: “I think the craziest day was when we flew together and they harnessed us attached to each other and we were up a hundred feet in the air with no safety mat… It was nice to have someone up there with me who was so lovely and calming.”

And while the pictures are annoyingly standard male celebrity editorial material, he's not half bad as a model. Too brooding, but then again, most male models are. We particularly like the piano pic.

Cotton shirt by Naked & Famous. Jeans by Citizens of Humanity.

Cardigan by Diesel Black Gold. Cotton v-neck shirt by Save Khaki. Jeans by John Varvatos.
Bracelet by Chrome Hearts.

Cotton v-neck shirt by Diesel. Straight leg jeans by J Brand. Vintage leather boots stylist's own.
Hat by Lor-e Phillips. Leather belt by Ben Sherman. Bracelet by Chrome Hearts.

Cotton plaid shirt by Ben Sherman. Cotton tank by America Apparel. Sunglasses by Chrome Hearts.

Button-up shirt by Diesel Black Gold. Cotton tank by American Apparel.
Jeans by Citizen of Humanity. Bracelet by Chrome Hearts.

Leather biker jacket by Marc by Marc Jacobs. Cotton shirt by Naked & Famous.
Jeans by Citizen of Humanity. Vintage boots stylist's own.

[Photo Credit: Yu Tsai via]

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