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Fergie in D&G

Darling, I can't hear you over your dress.

Fergie attends Nickelodeon's 24th Annual
Kids' Choice Awards in Los Angeles in D&G.

D&G Fall 2011 Collection
Model: Edita Vilkeviciute

We'll have more red carpet pics from the Kids' Choice Awards tomorrow (with accompanying opinions, bien sur), but we thought we'd get a Sunday head start with this one. Besides, it jumped out at us.

Oh so many thoughts swirling through our heads, poodles. We do like this dress and we like it even more on her. We think a gal with curves will make it sing way more than a runway model and it's certainly singing here. In fact, it kind of looks like her boobs and hips are doing vocal exercises. It's a loud and attention-getting dress and Fergie's just the lady for it. It fits her body and it fits her image.


She wore a pink, orange and neon yellow dress with .... pink shoes, orange eyeshadow, and a neon green clutch. We expect that from cartoon characters, not real people. In fact, we're coining a term on the spot for people who overmatch the colors of their outfit: Disney Dressing. And yeah, we get it; she's Fergie; she's always a little crack-y with her clothes. But all that overmatching is like someone who laughs too hard and too long at a joke. She's sucking the fun out of the dress. We'd keep the green clutch, but recommend something a little less showy in a shoe and a LOT less showy than orange freaking eyeshadow. Come on now, girl. It looks like you used Dorito dust as eyeshadow.

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