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Girls of Glee for Marie Claire

We three Glee.

Darlings, the girls of Glee shared the various versions of covers for Marie Claire's May issue. We, of course, have lots of opinions.

Our first opinion is that the dresses chosen for this shoot are almost all ugly. Our second opinion is that all three girls take amazing pictures and are much better looking out of their Glee drag. We're a little surprised Naya Rivera and Heather Morris weren't included here, though.

Marchesa Dress

You famously got into a car accident on the way to your Glee audition, ditched the rental, and ran to the Fox lot anyway. Were you at all afraid they would think you were nuts?
I was more afraid that they'd think I was using that as an excuse for being late. Because at first they were like, "Oh, my God, are you OK?" But after a while they were joking, "So that 'car crash' you were in ..." I literally had chunks of glass that I pulled from my hair and put on the table. I look back on that day and think, I can't believe I did that. I left the car on the side of the road. But something came over me.

Burberry Prorsum Dress

How many tattoos do you have?
I have 10, but they're tiny: a gold star for Rachel, one for Spring Awakening, the butterfly on my back is for my mom, another on my foot is for my cousins, and Kevin and Jenna and I have "Imagine." The day I got my newest one — it won't be my last — I texted Kevin, "At the tattoo parlor," and he replied, "We just got here. Where are you?" And I said, "I'm in New York. Where are you?" And he goes, "At the tattoo parlor in L.A." We'd randomly gone on the same night.

Hey, those stories are actually cute. We'd never heard them before. Lea, here is some free advice: your sex kitten poses don't suit you. Even if they did suit you, people are tired of them because it's the only pose you do. You're fresh-faced, young, and talented as hell. Stick to that persona. Your idol Barbra played the funny, quirky ingenue to great effect when she was your age. Stick to that when you're having your picture taken. Yell at any photographer who suggests that you purse your lips.

Donna Morgan dress

Greatest personality divide between you and Mercedes?
Mercedes and I share confidence, but I would never dress that way! I love color, but all the sneakers and neon and jewelry that she wears? I also never had her insecurities about weight — I was skinny in high school — but I love that now I get to show girls how to be comfortable with their bodies.

Dalia MacPhee dress

How does Glee make you feel?
Unstoppable. In high school, I had to write a bucket list. Meeting the president, being on Oprah, and going to — not being nominated for — the Grammys were on my list. And I've done all of that through Glee. Standing on the White House balcony last year to sing the National Anthem next to Obama, I couldn't look at my castmates — those idiots on the lawn — because they were so excited for me, they were bawling. [laughs] I flew home the next day and swore the plane would crash. I was like, "That's it! What else is there left to do?"

Hey, those are pretty damn good answers too. These gals are getting better at the interview thing. She looks great in both pictures. In fact, she always looks great in posed shots. She has a beautiful smile and is very natural and confident in front of the lens. These two dresses are the only two we like in the entire set.

Valentino Dress

Walking into my Glee audition …
I'd gotten a callback that said, "Please come back, wear something sexy" — not my forte — "and have straight hair." I had an hour to get there from another audition, and I was wearing the same vintage dress — my go-to audition outfit that week — but I bought a straightener that I used in a Starbucks bathroom. For the next callback, I got to the studio early to warm up with vocal exercises in the parking lot. I went into the office, but no one was around. Later, I found out they saw that I checked in an hour before at the gate, so they're calling my agent: "Is she lost?" and my agent is calling me, but my phone was locked in the car. Finally, someone finds me, has me sign a form, and says, "You start in two days." I thought I was being punk'd.

Maison Martin Margiela Shirt

You've been campaigning heavily for Christopher Walken to be a guest star — why him?
People always expect us to say Justin Timberlake. But I always go back to Walken's Fatboy Slim video. A rivalry between him and Jane Lynch would be fabulous.

Wow. She really is a knockout when you get her out of that cheerleader outfit. Wait. That didn't come out right. You know what we mean. Her last movie bombed, but she's still top of the list of "Most likely to become a movie star after Glee".

Walken vs. Lynch is a genius idea.

And believe it or not, even the behind-the-scenes video is adorable:

It's a shame the clothes don't work, because the pictures are great and the interviews are fun.

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