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In or Out: Anne Hathaway in Gucci

No passes.

Anne Hathaway attends the "Rio" Los Angeles Premiere in Gucci.

Gucci Spring 2011 Collection
Model: Chanel Iman

Hunh. How about that. Glasses. We think she looks adorable in these frames, but the red carpet seems like an odd place to unveil them. In addition, we wouldn't have paired them with this outfit. Then again, the pairing here is problematic because she recreated the runway look and we expect so much better from Annie. We like the dress and we like the shoes, but we hate that they're the same color and we are disappointed that more thoughtful accessorizing didn't take place. Besides, there's this weird disconnect with the killa shoes, the sparkly dress, and then there's the laundry day hair and the Sally Jessy frames. She looks cute, but it's kind of an odd look. Minions, you make the call.


She's sparkly AND a little adorably nerdy!

She looks like she's in the ladies room at work halfway through changing into her date night outfit!

In other IN OR OUT news, you all told a 16-year-old girl that her dress is ugly! You BITCHES!

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