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In or Out: Eva Longoria in Bocanegra

Tap-tap-tappin' her heart out.

Eva Longoria departs "The Late Show With David Letterman"
at the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City.

Minions, you are making your DaddyBitches proud with the new IN or OUT format, offering bitchery on a level that makes our eyes moist and our hearts swell. For the last installment, most of you, apparently borne aloft on a wave of Mirren Love, gave the old gal an IN on her Mother-of-the-Bride-meets-stripper look of the other day. We did not agree, but then again, it's not about us, is it?

No, kittens. It's about YOU. Now roll up your sleeves and tell the world what you think of Eva's getup. Here's what we think (in case you care): It's got a sassiness to it that we're inclined to support. But the uniformity of color makes it look like, well, a uniform. Or at least a '30s chorus girl. She needs a jaunty little usherette's cap and maybe a giant cigarette or some other oversized prop to wave around. Additionally, we tend to think you can wear either the formal shorts OR go without a top under your jacket. Both, and it's just too much skin for a talk show appearance.


IN! She's sassy, she's sexy, and she's got the legs for this look!

OUT! She needs to shuffle off to Buffalo and find herself a pair of pants!

[Photo Credit: wireimage]

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