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In or Out: Helen Mirren in Alberta Ferretti

Power to the people.

Helen Mirren accepts the Career Achievement Award at the CinemaCon Awards Ceremony in Las Vegas in an Alberta Ferretti dress paired with a Armand Diradourian shawl, Sergio Rossi shoes and a Lanvin clutch.

Kittens, we've made a decision. Perhaps you'd like to sit down.

You see, we're totally over the whole IN or OUT format. It's too restricting for us; too ... binary. Most of the time, a mere IN or OUT doesn't cover how we feel about a particular look and all we want to do is talk about what's working and what's not working without having to restrict our opinions down to one of only two choices. Plus, we've got so many other fun red carpet post formats to play around in, like Pairs Division, W.E.R.Q., If We Were Her Gays (which is coming back soon, promise!), Dress Libs, not to mention the Man on the Street posts and all the other various and sundry ways we've devised to be bitchy about celebrity fashion.

But we were reluctant to completely toss the IN or OUT format because it's kind of our thing and it ties us back to the days when this was a Project Runway-only blog (which seems like a million years ago now). The solution to this pressing issue came when, on the spur of the moment, we opted not to declare Diane Kruger an IN or OUT because we couldn't agree on the matter. We turned things over to you, our beloved minions, and you bitches took the ball and ran with it. "That's IT!" cried we. "We should turn the IN or OUT posts over to the Bitter Kittens!"

And so it shall be. We're all about democratizing the bitchery around here. Now put your bitchpants on and let's get to work.

Here's what we think in a nutshell: we're not crazy about the color on her, the top is a bit too voluminous and drapey and the shoes look too heavy for the look. The jewelry's nice but the bag is bland. There. Take it and run with it. Make your Daddies proud.


IN! You're just a couple of jealous bitches, T Lo! God bless Queen Helen of Fuckinfantastica!

OUT! Because everything you say is true, T Lo! Or possibly I have found additional things to complain about, which I will expound upon in the comments section!

We could make this all formal and install one of those polling widgets. The jury's still out on that one because then you just get drive-by voting. We want our minions to show their work in the comments section. Incidentally, it seems most of you agreed with Lorenzo regarding Diane Kruger's outfit, meaning she was IN.

[Photo Credit: getty, wireimage]

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