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Isaac Mizrahi does Bridal

Here clicks the bride.

Isaac Mizrahi is launching a mini-collection of 6 wedding dresses, which he calls "the most iconic dresses," for This isn't his first bridal collection; in fact he's done several, including one for Target. The dresses will go on sale April 5th, online and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Mizrahi's favorite charity, Good Shepherd's Services. And when we say they'll go on sale online, we mean online ONLY. Mizrahi says, "The best place to shop for your wedding gown is the privacy of your own computer." This seems like a fundamental misunderstanding of the emotional minefield that wedding dress shopping can be for a lot of women. We watch "Say Yes to the Dress." That makes us experts. Of course, we've also known plenty of women who picked up a dress off the rack at the last minute with neither muss nor fuss, so maybe this type of sale will appeal to that sort of no-nonsense, get 'er done, kind of bride.

But seriously, would you buy a wedding dress without trying it on? More specifically, would you buy these:

Without benefit of a mirror or dressing room or opinionated female friends and family to tell you what you're doing wrong?

Incidentally, the prices range from $2,200 to $4,500 and the dresses are sized from 0 to 14.

So how about it, brides-to-be? Will you be there on 4/5, clicking on one of these dresses just so you can skip all the agita of dressing rooms and mirrors?

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