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Penelope Cruz's Walk of Fame

Which is much, much better than a walk of shame.

Penelope Cruz honored with star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
in Hollywood in a L'Wren Scott lace dress and Christian Louboutin shoes.

We like it. It's simple but showy, which is pretty much exactly what you want for these kinds of photo ops. You want to catch the attention of the crowd and photographers, but you don't want to look like you've been working your whole life to get to this moment. A movie star, but a not-too-obviously ambitious one. We're not crazy about the length on her and we're a bit tired of the lace edges on hems. But these are minor quibbles. Another one is the shoes, which could have used some co -- Jesus, Mary, and Oprah, look at the size of those HEELS. Girlfriend does not fuck around in the show department, does she? Okay, we changed our minds. We LOVE this look. Pairing a simple and demure dress with fetish shoes (even if they are Louboutins) is cheeky. We like cheeky.

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