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Royal Watch: Kate Middleton, All Business

Redefining the fairy tale.

Kate Middleton and Prince William arrive at Darwen Aldridge Community Academy in Darwen, England. With less than three weeks to go until the Royal Wedding, Prince William and Kate Middleton are making one of their final public appearances.

Anyone else getting tired of hearing about this wedding yet? If not, at what point are you going to reach saturation? We suspect these two are more sick of hearing about it than anyone else on the planet. At any rate, here they are, running the family business for one of the last times as an unmarried couple. She looks good, if a little severe. We love the cut and color of the suit, but a little color somewhere in the accessories could have made this a bit more "Your future queen" and a bit less "Here are the quarterly reports." Diana liked the trappings of royalty too much (the clothes, hats, and jewelry) to do anything but indulge in them, but we wonder if Kate isn't going to take a more modern, business-like approach to the job and dress accordingly.

[Photo Credit: getty]

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